How it Works

With SmartPT, creating home exercise prescriptions is simple and fast. Point-Click-Save functionality allows you to create a HEP in minutes. SmartPT runs on desktop computers, laptops and tablets so you can use it on the go. Your patients will love the Free SmartPT Mobile App. It's branded for your clinic and provides patients their HEPs information in the palm of their hand. What's more, with the SmartPT Mobile App your patients can log exercises and track progress, set exercise and appointment reminders and refer your clinic to family and friends.

Physical Therapist's Sample Kit

Create HEP

The Physical Therapist created Shruti’s Home Exercise Program that included movements to encourage appropriate stress to provide relief from unilateral Hip abductor pain, and initiation of strengthening for the core musculature to help manage her problem. Proper form, frequency, and duration were all instructed and discussed. Her exercise program will be progressed at each future visit.

Screenshot of Shruti’s HEP created with the SmartPT HEP builder. Click on the Play button to view the video.

HEP delivery methods:

Shruti being the smartphone user

Shruti opens the App's homepage where she sees her PT Clinic’s branding and logo. She opens her condition information and HEP by clicking on the respective icons.

Shruti views the narrated videos and photos of her home exercises in the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

  • Who uses SmartPT?

    SmartPT is designed for physical therapists and students at academic institutions in the aforementioned fields.

  • How does SmartPT work?

    You use the SmartPT HEP Builder to create home exercise programs. Our intuitive search engine allows you to filter exercises by body area and exercise category (Flexibility, ROM/Self-Mobilization and Strengthening). Customize the exercises for patients with sessions per day, sets, reps, and weight.

    Then select a delivery method. HEP can be sent to the SmartPT Mobile App and install on the smartphone for free.

  • Do I need to download or install software?

    No, SmartPT is a web-based program so no software installation is required. All you need is a browser and internet access.

  • Can I access SmartPT anywhere?

    You can access SmartPT anywhere and it’s compatible with your desktop computer, iPad, Android tablet & Smartphones.

  • How many patients can be entered?

    There is no limit to the number of patients.

  • How many HEPs can I create and give out?

    There is no limit to the number of HEPs you can create.

  • Can I add my clinic logo and information?

    Yes, SmartPT is branded for your clinic. Your logo, address, website address, and phone number are displayed on the app.

  • Can I get access to patient data?

    Yes, as long as your subscription is active you have access to all your patient data.

  • Is the patient data safe?

    Yes, SmartPT uses the latest encryption protocols.

  • Can I create protocols?

    Yes, protocols (Saved HEPS/Saved Conditions) can be created and you can modify them for each patient.

  • We have multiple clinic locations. Will all patient records be accessible from any location or just from the clinic that created the patient record?

    Typically, patient records are associated with the clinic that created the record in the SmartPT. However, if you have multiple clinic locations and want the ability to access all patient records from any location, we will configure it accordingly.

  • What about upgrades? Do I have to pay for them?

    Upgrades, updates, and new features are constantly being added. Check the portal home page for the latest updates.

  • SmartPT Mobile App for Patients

  • How does the SmartPT Mobile App work?

    The SmartPT Mobile App is branded for your clinic. Patients will think it’s your clinic’s own custom App. You can add your logo, information about your clinic, clinic news, articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

    Patients download the App for free. Using the App, patients can view their condition information and HEPs including videos and photos. They can set exercise and appointment reminders, log and track their progress, and refer family and friend through the App. The SmartPT Mobile App lets you stay connected with patients even when their treatment is over!

  • What are the system requirements?

    The SmartPT Mobile App for patients is compatible with IOS & Android.

  • What is the size of the App when it’s downloaded?

    The size of the App is 22.9 MB.

  • Does my clinic get notified when a patient makes a referral through the App?

    Yes, your clinic’s SmartPT Admin has access to a report that displays data on all referrals made through the App. Report data includes the patient who made the referral, who they referred, and when they were referred.

  • Technical and Support Questions

  • What kind of computers and devices will SmartPT work on?

    SmartPT can be used on a Windows or Mac computer with a browser and access to the internet. It also works on iPad, Android based tablets & Smartphones.

  • Does SmartPT provide technical support?

    We provide technical support with tasks and navigation related to SmartPT. We do not provide technical support for issues related to your computer or internet service provider. Email for technical support.

  • Who do I contact for more help?