What is SmartPT?

Fast, easy and effective exercise prescription!

SmartPT is an online patient education and exercise prescription software that allows PTs to provide patients with personalized information about their condition and their home exercise program in a mobile application they can download to their smartphone. SmartPT streamlines practice management and speeds up exercise prescription with Point-Click-Save functionality and digital HEP delivery. SmartPT runs on desktop computers, laptops and tablets so you can use it on the go.

SmartPTs Condition Builder helps you educate patients by showing them 3D animated videos of their condition.

The SmartPT Home Exercise Builder features hundreds of narrated exercise videos and thousands of photos so your patients always know how to perform their home exercises with proper form and technique.

With SmartPT HEPs can be exported and printed, emailed or sent to SmartPT Mobile App branded for your clinic and FREE to your patients.

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Automated exercise prescription reduces consultation time
  • Create customized HEPs in just a few clicks, create advance protocols and customize them for patients, modify a patient's last prescribed HEP and save it as the current HEP
  • Increase patient understanding with comprehensive 3D animated condition videos and images
  • Email or send HEPs to the FREE SmartPT Mobile App and eliminate expensive exercise printouts
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SmartPT benefits for PTs

Condition Animations

Expand patient understanding with a 3D animated video of their condition. Annotate images from the animation for more clarity.

Create HEPs in minutes

Filter hundreds of exercises by body area and exercise category. Create protocols in advance or create a customized HEP in minutes.

Great Practice Management

Access relevant stats like number of active, inactive and new patients. Easy access to all patients' previously prescribed HEPs.

Your Own Custom Branded Mobile App

Send HEPs to patients via your clinic's own Mobile App. Patients can download the App for FREE and view their HEPs and condition information conveniently in the palm of their hand.

Share Assets & Knowledge

SmartPT enables your PTs to share their saved HEP protocols with each other. They can also upload personal exercise videos and photos and share them too.

Save on Paper & Printing

Send HEPs via email to patients so they can print them at home or send them directly to their smartphones. Save time and money by eliminating expensive printouts.

Your Clinic's Own Branded Mobile App for Patients
The FREE SmartPT Mobile App leads to increased compliance and better patient outcomes.

SmartPT benefits for patients

Great exercise reference

Convenient access to HEP videos and condition information on smartphones, tablets and computers. Videos help to ensure exercises are performed correctly - leading to better outcomes.

Anytime, anywhere conveniece

Patients can access their HEPs and conditions anytime, anywhere on their smartphone. No need to carry exercise printouts.

Set Reminders for increased compliance

SmartPT App users can set exercise reminders so HEPs can be performed consistently and on time.

Schedule appointments easily

With just a click, patients can schedule future appointments and set reminders resulting in fewer no-shows.

Tracking progress is simple

SmartPT Mobile App users can log exercises and track progress in the App.

Easy clinic referral tool

The SmartPT Mobile App referral feature, gives patients a convenient and easy way to refer your clinic to family and friends. SmartPT will even let you know when patients refer you.